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Family Intervention Paper

The family I interviewed in the initial interview was the Maguire family. James Maguire (Son), Age 12, Rylie Maguire (Daughter), Age 16, and John Maguire (Father), Age 40. I can complete the first part of this paper (the engagement section). I just need the other sections completed. 

Here is the fake dilemma that I was assigned, Here is the problem that you will need to address in your family paper.

James is diagnosed with cancer and needs immediate surgery and follow-up chemo. He will need to be seen at a children’s hospital. One of his parents will need to be with him while he is having treatments.  How will the family deal with this problem?

Here is the outline to follow with instructions:


Once the assessment interview has been completed and graded, the instructors will assign a potential problem to the family unit who you interviewed. The actual family who you interviewed will not be informed of this assigned problem, and students are not to seek their help in completing this next section of the assignment.  Problems will be selected through a random drawing from a list of pre-prepared problems created by the instructors.

It is important for students to understand that these problems may feel very intense, and the student may have a personal reaction to such a problem being assigned to their own family. For this reason students are encouraged to utilize a family group who is unrelated to them.

Students will utilize their case conceptualization and assessment information to complete an intervention plan for this family.  You must discuss the family intervention theory and support the use of the intervention theory with peer reviewed journal articles.  The discussion should have a minimum of three (3) peer reviewed journal articles cited to support the students’ discussion.  Students must also discuss the evidence-based support of the intervention approach that they propose to utilize with this family and the assigned problem.  The intervention approach may be from the textbook in this course, or in the SOCW 880 Advanced Clinical Social Work Practice with Individuals course. 

Use the outline below to assist with structuring the paper; however, do not feel constrained by the outline below.  In fact, a well-written paper will likely expand upon the required content.  The paper must be APA format which includes all the following: 12-point Times New Roman font, a title page, and a reference page.  You may use the bolded sections below as headingsThere is no required page length, but a well-written final paper will likely be 7-15 pages in length. 

The Paper Should at Minimum Cover the Following Information:

  1. Engagement:
    1. Begin with a dialogue of your family interviewing experience with this group.  Note any concerns or areas in which you believed that you did not demonstrate competence in interviewing.  Explain your plan to improve and more fully develop your family interviewing skills.
      1. Did you begin using an intervention approach while completing engagement during the family interview? Use examples to support your discussion.
    2. Discuss how your engagement interview and assessment process (completion of the case conceptualization) guided your choice of intervention approach for this family.  Delineate the impact that the assigned problem had on your thoughts regarding the intervention approach that you had selected for the family. Was there any concern that you might need a different intervention approach following the assignment of the problem? If so which approach did you deliberate switching to (or did switch to)?
      1. Consider all the following in your discussion and your decision: individual developmental stage(s) of the family members, family developmental stage, areas of strong functioning in individuals and within the family group, less developed / lower functioning areas of individuals and the family unit, sources of support and stress in the family’s environment. For clarity regarding developmental levels of individuals and the family unit, review materials and learning from the HBSE courses in the program, or from your BSW Program (for advanced pathway students only).
  2. Discussion of Intervention Strategies:
    1. Provide information about the assigned family problem including prevalence, symptoms, possible prognoses for families who experience a similar problem and any relevant cultural/ racial/ gender/ or other characteristics that are affected by families who experience similar problems. Support this problem synopsis with 1-3 peer reviewed sources.  Students may cite textbooks in this discussion; however these cannot be the sole peer reviewed materials used.
      1. Discuss how this problem is described or supported with a DSM 5 diagnosis (if it is).  If an individual does not fully meet diagnostic criteria discuss any thoughts you have about a possible disorder that you believe the person showed characteristics of.
    2. Explanation of the theoretical intervention model supported with peer reviewed sources
      • Choose a specific theoretical intervention model, or an integrated intervention approach, and discuss intervention strategies and specific skills you would use in each of the next phases of the work (planning, intervention, evaluation, termination, and follow-up).
      • Describe the impact that other helping professionals may have on the clinical process with this family or couple system problem(s), i.e., physicians/ psychiatrists, nurses, law enforcement including probation/ diversion/ parole officers, etc.

c. Explanation of the treatment plan selected to reach the goal(s).

      • The plan should reflect the intervention approach selected.
      • The plan should explicitly outline how the client and worker will address the assigned problem.
      • Discuss how you will measure progress toward goal attainment
      • Discuss the expected outcomes, both short-term and long-term using the clinical intervention with the family and the identified issues.
      • Briefly describe what you will consider to be success for the client system and why you consider these as success i.e. completed all goals, completed some goals, etc.
      • Discuss the expected outcomes, both short-term and long-term using the clinical intervention with the family and the identified issues.
      • Delineate salient ethnic/cultural factors and their relationship to the helping process (including social economic status).
  2. Summary
      • Discuss plans for continuing treatment, collateral treatment with other professionals, possible successful termination, and/or transfer.
      • Include discussion about how this therapeutic experience has or     has not been a valuable learning experience for you.


PLEASE reach out with any questions! The last paper I received an F on so I am leary but giving this another try. 

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