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Government Agency Analysis

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Government Agency Analysis
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For your first writing assignment, you will get acquainted with a local government near where you live or work (i.e. City of El Cajon, Sweetwater Water District etc) or a department of a local government (i.e. City of San Diego Fire Department, City of La Mesa Library, City of National City Police Department, County of San Diego Health and Human Services Agency Family Resource Center). You will research the city, agency or department using information from its official website (not a random Google search, please) in order to answer the prompts below.

Then you will physically go to the outside of the administration building representing the city, agency or department that is the focus of your assignment and take a selfie to submit with your assignment. For example, if you choose to research the City of Chula Vista’s Fire Department for the assignment, you would take a photo of yourself in front of one of the City’s 10 Fire Stations OR the department’s headquarters at City Hall. If you chose to research the City of Lemon Grove, you would take a photo of yourself outside of City Hall.


To complete the requirements of this assignment, you’ll submit the selfie along with a minimum two page (double-spaced) essay responding to the following prompts:

  • Identification of the local government (or department of that local department) that you have researched for this assignment and its website and why you chose this local government or department;
  • Based on your research, discuss the mission of the local government (or department of that local government), services provided and who is served (i.e. number of residents served by the City government); and
  • Conclude with a brief discussion applying one or more specific concepts from the first three class lectures/reading assignments to what you learned during your research.

And…don’t forgot to include the photo either as a graphic on the assignment or separate attachment.

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