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Graph that Discussion Basket

I need help with a Graphs question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Graph that Discussion Basket
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Q1 –

Fiduciary – Supply chain management – Human capital


Pick a company like Walmart or Apple or Amazon or a clothing brand like Old Navy or a biopharma or food supplier where the majority of its distributed products are sourced or manufactured in third world countries. Very briefly identify the types of issues that could arise in their supply chain relating to human capital.


Q2 –

FCPA – Does the FCPA’s facilitating payment exception have any real meaning in this new era of enforcement? If your answer is “no” it does not have any meaning, does your answer concern you?


Q3 –

FCPA – Respond to the following question. Your response is expected to contain 3 – 5 sentences showing your understanding of the material.

  1. A good client of your compliance company contacts you seeking advice regarding a trade show it intends to host in which the company’s product will be displayed. What specific questions are you going to ask the client so that you can provide the best advice?

All of these require APA with citations and references etc. I will upoload the reading in order shortly

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