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HCS 535 Week 6 Individual Health Campaign Part III

HCS 535 Week 6 Individual Health Campaign Part III
Resources: Health Campaign Parts I and II and the Health Campaign grading criteria on the student websiteDevelop Part III of a health campaign to implement a change in population health. Part III focuses on recommendations for implementing and assessing the proposed change.Present an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint presentation proposing a population health campaign for your chosen health issue.Recommend the implementation of a campaign for your chosen issue to improve population health aIDressing social, economic, and cultural factors.Recommend approaches, such as programs, policies, laws, and environmental aspects, to assess the health and wellness of the target population.Determine the challenges related to improving the population health for the target population. Examine global implications, environmental factors, and disease prevention.Provide a summary of useful epidemiology or other data models managers may use to make decisions on the ground and to anticipate future trends.Use at least three peer-reviewed articles to support your

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