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1. Select and review an article in a scientific journal that is NOT MORE THAN 5 YEARS OLD.
2. All the requested information from the journal should be typed on ONE PAGE, NOT MORE.
3. Give the author’s name, the year of publication and the name of the journal.
4. Identify from the article the problem statement and present it in one sentence.
5. Make sure that you have picked an article that focuses on one aspect of human anatomy and physiology and in one paragraph explain the normal anatomy and physiology being investigated.
6. Depending on the type of research, identify the variables/problems being investigated.
7. Briefly list the findings of the research and give your evaluation of the study.
8. Using Theme font “Times New Roman” and font size 11, your presentation should not be more than one page.
9. At the top of the page, give the following:
a. Title of the article
b. Your name
c. Course name and index #
d. Semester and year.

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