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Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems The purpose of this

Health Economics and Comparative Health Systems The purpose of this assessment is to enable student to develop skills in a specific area of economic consideration that may be of interest. It enables the class to cover a wide range of economic process while individual students develop aIDitional knowledge in an area of interest. Individual part of presentation, Due date to be determined Paper 10% Individual contribution to group presentation 10% Each student is required to submit a 500 word discussion paper on their own thoughts on the seminar question. This submission must be written individually and there is to be no collaboration in this part of the assessment. You are referred to UWS policies on academic misconduct, in particular, cheating. This part of the assessment is to be submitted electronically via Turnitin. It will be marked and returned to you electronically. At the first seminar, students will be allocated to teams to prepare a presentation on a nominated seminar topic. Each team is required to develop an oral presentation for the allocated time. Preparation for this part of the assessment task should be finalised at least one week before the due date. If you have any difficulty in preparing for the assessment task you will need to contact the lecturer via email at least one week before the seminar and discuss the problem/s so that solutions can be reached well before your presentation. For the chosen seminar question students in groups will lead the seminar discussion for that week. In order to meet the requirements of the assessment task and maximise their learning outcomes and capabilities, each presenter should: • To the best of their ability work effectively and co-operatively in the team in areas such as, attending meetings, communicating with the team through the unit’s site, the distribution and completion of tasks and the presentation; • Focus on the chosen seminar question and provoke discussion amongst the seminar group on specific issues and concerns that relate to the question. • Workshop the seminar question with the seminar group through the use of adult learning methods, such as, discussion questions aimed at provoking debate amongst small and large [focus] groups; sharing and discussing of the ideas reported back by small focus groups; developing an interesting and thought provoking case study or scenario for small and large group discussion; building the presentation around a role play/debate and subsequent discussion. • Utilise adult learning methods, that is, encourage small group discussion and the active participation of the seminar group throughout the presentation. At no time should any presenter stand and talk to the group for any length of time. The introduction and conclusion to the presentation should be as short as possible and take no more than five minutes. • The assessment task requires adult learning methods and the aim of the presentation is to develop these capabilities. • Use overheads where they assist in the generation of discussion, for example, cartoon captions, brief quotes, sayings, statistical data and short/brief dot points. • Presentations should last for 40 minutes only. • The presentation will occur at the beginning of the session. The presentation will be followed by general discussion on any other interest areas that arise out of the presentation.

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