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Health informatics and the use of information and communication technologies within healthcare. Academic Essay

Your final paper is 15 pages double-spaced (excluding the executive summary, footnotes and references) with a 10 or 12 point font. Tables, graphics, and diagrams must be placed in the paper as attachments. They do not count in the page length. There is no set organizational format for the paper but your work should include, at a minimum, the following:Executive summary (1 page) Background/Introduction Statement and analysis of the issue / case (including your analysis of the sources of the problem, stakeholders, etc) Position (a clear statement of what your position on the issue) Support for your position along with anticipated obstacles, stakeholders, and facilitating factors (designed to persuade the reader to your thesis and drawn from evidence and the literature) Conclusion and future direction References While there is seldom a right or wrong position in a given paper, students are expected to clearly and articulately support their argument using course and external materials. It is very important that you include not only background on the selected issue, but your specific assessment, recommendations, ideas, and suggestions. It is your original analysis, grounded in the class material and peer-reviewed publications , that is the hallmark of solid graduate level social science writing and will serve as the main basis for your grade.

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