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health promotion programme for road traffic accident Academic Essay

Order Description based on the submittedn this part you are required to critically analyse the following aspects of your project. As for part 2, you are required to focus on the process and importance of these various elements to health promotion programs, rather than providing detail. Critically analyse the need for ? Media & communication ? what important strategies could support your health promotion project and how could you involve the media to communicate your work ? Funding ? what opportunities might be available and how will you maintain these opportunities to ensure you project is sustainable. What factors could be important when developing a budget for the project. ? Ethical considerations ? Identify ethical issues that could relate to your vulnerable population and proposal. Explain how you could ensure your project remains ethical and does not violate your chosen vulnerable population To conclude this part 3, you are asked to Reflect on how your proposal has developed over the semester and in light of the study you have completed in this unit, document key changes that may be required from your original proposal. State the revised aims and objects (can be bullet points). Word limit: 1500 wordsPresentation requirements: Writing Assignment 1 ? all parts This an academic paper that must adhere to rules of academic presentation. ? ? Introduction, body, conclusion ? ? Subheadings can be used. ? ? In-text citation must adhere to the APA 6th edition Assignment Writing Guidelines. ? ? References must be published in the last 5-7 years and represent quality sources of evidence on the topic. Estimated return date: 4 weeks after submission Hurdle requirements (where applicable): assignment 1 (all three parts) is a hurdle requirement for this unit Individual assessment in group tasks (where applicable): N/A Influence to change in behavior Raise public awareness Inform public Reach at risk population. Printed materials multi-pronged World -day Application , media, facebook Social marketing Loss gain framing Why ? communication is important.> Australian commotion of safety and quality in health care, Ethics? blame and stigmatize, stereotyping peaple . Reciprocity? valuable to the community Respect Equality equal access Survival and protection- Spirit and integrity-Health promotion Communication Health literacy Ethical consideration Budget? cost effective. Sustainability.. affordable. Achievable and realistic. Reach the audience Reflectionjust answer the question.

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