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hi I need help ???

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hi I need help ???
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We have now seen the challenges/barriers some successful individuals have had to overcome on their way to an education. But now, I want us to think a little closer to home, in something that may be more relevant to what you may be experiences. To do so, we will watch a documentary called First Generation. As the name would suggest, it focuses on four California students who are the first in their families to go to college. They each have different barriers to cross.


Watch the documentary below:


As you watch, work to complete the worksheet below. You can either download the worksheet and type straight into it before uploading it completed as a Word doc or PDF file, or you can download it, print it, and write on it before uploading it as a Word doc, PDF, JPEG, or PNG

First Generation Graphic Organizer (DOCX)

First Generation Graphic Organizer (PDF)

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