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historical contexts of health care.

reflective portfoiloOrder Description
The purpose of this assessment is to create a reflective portfolio about yourself and your practice, that also considers the social and historical contexts of health care.
You will develop this portfolio throughout the subject and are required to submit five separate, but connected, items for assessment (plus a reference list).Specific instructions for each item are provided below.1. Representation of yourself and the values you consider important in your practice. This representation can be as creative as you are comfortable with, including multi media, audio, visual, photography, drawing, poetry, YouTube links, or any other medium to be negotiated with Subject Coordinator (500 words)2. Reflection of an event in your practice using the Rolfe model. Refer to the module on the Moodle site for information and discussion about using this model to structure a reflection. Draw on your knowledge about yourself and your values to consider the What, So What, Now What of this event (1000 words in .doc format)3. Analyse a current media (newspaper) article that aIDresses the same health care issue as your event. From this article, consider how social and historical factors have impacted your practice in this area. How does this knowledge affect how you approach people in your care? (700 words +photo/scan/eversion of media article)4. Evaluation of how this portfolio process and the items you have presented demonstrate a coherent approach to your practice. Summarise the elements presented above and consider how your values and approach to your practice can be informed by critical reflection that considers the social and historical context of health care issues. Think broadly about how your position in society as a health care professional can make you an agent of social change (300 words in .doc format)5. Reference list. Use in-text citations where appropriate and provide a full reference list in Harvard style.

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