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HIV/STIs in Black LGBTQ Community members, ages 25 to 34, living in Dallas County, TX.

Topic: HIV/STIs in Black LGBTQ Community members, ages 25 to 34, living in Dallas County, TX.

Draft 3:

Although this is a draft, the paper should still be well-written and contain all of the required content. Follow the guidelines, and carefully review the criteria within the Final Grant Proposal Guidelines and Rubric. The rubric contains the criteria you need to include, so follow the outline and fill in the missing pieces in a logical narrative that flows well.

Draft 3 contains the following sections:

Evaluation – should clearly connect to program goal and objectives). Restate your objectives exactly as they are stated in your Goal and Objectives. After each objective, briefly describe the evaluation plan. If you need to revise the goal and objectives based on Draft 2 feedback, complete the edits before you submit Draft 3. In other words, Draft 3 should reflect the corrected objectives.

Sustainability – should be realistic and reflect a strong community partnership). Describe a realistic plan for continuing the program beyond the grant period. This plan should clearly reflect at least one strong community partnership that links with previous proposal sections. The sustainability plan should be comprehensive and realistic, and reflect at one strong community partnership that links back to previous sections (Introduction and Methods).

Budget – must be realistic and not exceed $25,000

Supplemental Material fro Draft 3

Sustainability –

Funders want to see:

Evidence that they are not tossing their dollars down a bottomless pit or funding an organization/program that won’t exist past the initial funding period

Community partnerships to increase the likelihood of program sustainability for the long run

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