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How is calculus applied in the medical field?

I need an explanation for this Calculus question to help me study.

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How is calculus applied in the medical field?
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If you don’t follow ALL of the following instructions, you will lose points. (5 points for each rule violation)

Rules for the Essay

 Topic of the Essay: the application of Calculus in science, technology or industry.

 Only admissible format: PDF. No other formats will be accepted.

 Required font: Times New Roman (size 12). Line spacing: 2.0.

 Number of pages: exactly 14 (12 pages of writing + 1 page of title + 1 page of references).

 You may include graphs, and/or tables.

 At least 1 citation (in APA format).

 Each essay must include:

 Introduction.

 Body.

 Conclusions.

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