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hum112 week 5 discussion AND response

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hum112 week 5 discussion AND response
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  • Week 5 Discussion Opera and SocietyPlease respond to each of the following questions, using sources under the Explore heading and the textbook as the basis of your response:

1. Using the text as a source and/or the web links listed below, choose an opera by Verdi, or Wagner, or Puccini, give a brief description of the plot and characters. What changes would you make to the plot or characters or storyline to update this opera make it more interesting?

Opera and Society

2.Person of the week: This week your choices are between Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson, American writers and poets, and Claude Monet,

and Edward Manet, artists who broke new ground in France with their painting techniques. Look at the pictures and information in our text and online and then tell us which person you feel is more important and why.



RE: Week 5 | Discussion [WK 5]


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  1. I chose Wagner. At the beginning it seemed very dark, confusing and fast to the killing, slow to the mourning, I would call this a drama in German. Fortunately my daughter took 2 years of German, even though it was close captioned I needed some clarification on the words by the artists. Love and death stood out to me so I assume this could be delivered as a romantic drama. I get that Isolde requested Brangäne for a death potion, but Brangäne makes a love potion. So, Tristan and Isolde drink it and fall in love. Then Melot deceives those two to King Mark – that’s about what i would assume after reviewing a few times, then not quite putting it together I had to do more research. Thanks Erik
  2. I have always been a fan of the name Emily. Bummer for her that her work wasn’t published until 20 years following her death. So was she ahead of her own time? Sounds like her passion must have been very strong to read, learn and write as a result of sneaking novels in the house without her strict father knowing about it. Reminds me of just the opposite, when I was a kid and was complaining of “boredom” I was told to “read a book!”. Emily appears to me to have been a very drive, talented individual at a young age – most likely born with it but suppressed by her father. Thanks Erik.

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