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Indigenous Culture and Health Behaviours

Indigenous Culture and Health BehavioursOrder Description** The Critical Reflective Workbook consists of six three hundred word critical reflections. A total of 15 academic references are required for this assessment. These can be drawn from peer review journals, academic texts or websites that are credible e.g .org .edu and .gov
References words do not count with the total words number, quotations do.
** Refer to the marking rubric, the critical reflective process document
(the reflections MUST be written by the Gibbs Reflective Cycle. Further, 15 credible references)
Extremely CRUCIAL,
Citations, every information taken from referencse must cited with the page number (In-text citation) , also, all references must be accessed easily, and all cited pages can be viewed (such as no need to buy a book or having membership so the page can be read). Reference style is APA.
Writing style, Gibbs Reflective Cycle
The documents are attached, with samples and questions.

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