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Influenza (Flu) and Pneumococcal Vaccination.

Influenza (Flu) and Pneumococcal Vaccination.
Location: Refugee Camp in Clarkston Atlanta, Georgia.
Description The student will:
1. Write an abstract
2. Explain why this aggregate was chosen
3. Explain aggregates characteristics from physiological, psychological, socio-cultural, developmental, and spiritual perspectives
4. Assess aggregates specific health needs related to why this aggregate was chosen
5. Write diagnostic statement related to the groups health and cause of actual or potential health problem. Ex: Increased risk of -among – r/t -as demonstrated in
6. In your planning, incorporate three recent articles from professional literature that support the need for health promotion and teaching to this aggregate
7. Write in priority order what this aggregate needs to learn
8. Write three objectives for health promotion with specific behavioral outcomes expected as the results of the teaching session (Ex: By the end of my teaching/presentation, the aggregate will be able to: Verbalize. Demonstrate List Discuss, etc.)
9. Identify instruction methods and approaches you plan to use in presenting content and incorporating the activities (Ex: story, video, PowerPoint, drama, lecture, role playing, etc.)
10. Include presentation outline
11. Provide what evaluation format/method you plan to use for evaluation of your teaching 5 session. 12. After the presentation, tally the evaluations and explain what you see as strengths or weaknesses of your teaching project.
13. What changes would you make if you had to do it again?
14. Write References page as per APA correctly including the three articles from #6 above 3 16. Use correct organization, grammar, spelling, APA title page, and abstract

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