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Intro to statistics

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Intro to statistics
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Homework Assignment 3 (uses “reasons to buy” data and “cars-triola” data

  • Using Reason to buy data, find the clustered bar chart and perform a chi square test of independence on the two variables, student group and reasons to buy.
  • Use the appropriate T-tests for the following:
    • To see if the average city mileage is significantly different than 20 mpg.
    • Is the average highway mileage significantly higher than the average city mileage for this sample?
    • Is there a significant difference in the average city mileage comparing manual versus auto transmission vehicles?
    • Is there any significant difference in the average city mileage comparing 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles?
    • And also do a post hoc comparison test.
    • Do an error bar graph.

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