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Introduction to Visual Culture

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Introduction to Visual Culture
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Write an essay about an image of your choice, discussing how the image reflects the ideas which we have been exploring such as the role of the viewer in creating meaning, as well as the importance of power relationships, and the change of those relationships over time. Your image should give you the opportunity to write about ideas like that. Re-read our chapters, to find support for your observations, and take notes about what the authors say about images such as the one you have chosen.Document how your interpretation might have been influenced by your time in class by referring back to o appropriate passages in the chapter. In your essay, you may incorporate quotations from the chapter.

1. Describe your image: What is in the image? What color is it? How is it shaped? What is the background? If there are figures, how are they arranged?

2. Is there a narrative in your image? Is there something “happening”? How do you know?

3. Who was this image made for? Why was it made?

4. Is perspective used in the image? Why? Does the image seem “natural”? Why?

5. How is this image “political”?

6. What kind of signs, signifiers and metaphors are used in the image?

7. Which ideas from the chapter reading might be illustrated by this image?

Paper have to include:


Introductory paragraph

Description of the image

Discussion of ideas about visual culture which are illustrated by the image.


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