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Introductory Speech

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Introductory Speech
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Assignment Details


Create an outline of your speech.

  • Review the instructions below for details.
  • Review the grading rubric in Assessments > Rubrics > Introductory Speech Outline
  • View a sample outline.
  • Upload to the assignment dropbox.


I. Attention Getter – grabs their attention
II. Motivation for Listening – motivates the audience
III. Thesis Statement – over-arching theme that is not simply factual and can be argued
IV. Preview of Speech – covers all main points (Main points)

Transition to the body of speech


I. First Main Point

a. Analysis (opinion)
b. Analysis (opinion)

Transition to second main topic

II. Second Main Point

a. Analysis (opinion)
b. Analysis (opinion)

Transition to third main topic

III. Third Main Point

a. Analysis (opinion)
b. Analysis (opinion)

Transition to conclusion


I. Summary of Main Points

II. Throwback to Attention Getter

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