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is a 69 year old Hispanic woman. She was widowed five years ago and lives alone. Her son and daughter live near-by.

G.T. is a 69 year old Hispanic woman. She was widowed five years ago and lives alone. Her son and daughter live near-by. She emigrated from Mexico in her teens, and married a man of eastern Indian decent that she met in an English speaking class. G.T. has a high school diploma, and worked for many years as an administrative assistant to an insurance executive. Her mother followed a Curandero as her primary health care provider when G.T. was growing up in Mexico. G.T. follows some western health care practices at the insistence of her daughter, but leans towards more cultural beliefs and sees a Curandero along with a physician. G.T. loves to cook and garden, and makes many traditional foods. She is retired now, has a cat and is very involved in her church. G.T. has a medical history of Diabetes Mellitus Type II, which is not well controlled, hyperlipidemia, hypertension, and gout.


  1. Organization and Formatting
  • 2-3 pages.
  • Include at least three peer-reviewed or evidence based resources.
  • Use appropriate composition mechanics including a thesis statement and introduction, body and conclusion in your paper.
  • The paper must be well organized, following a logical flow with accurate content that clearly relates to the topic.
  1. Discuss the following content in your paper:
  2. Three primary health concerns related to culture that the nurse should explore for this patient.
  • Explain each concern or area of interest in detail, thoroughly describing how or why each is related to the patient’s culture.
  1. Three evidence-based health promotion activities that relate to and respect the patient’s culture.
  • Provide examples and details of how each will improve health and respect the patients’ health beliefs, traditions and practices.
  1. Three strategies the nurse will use that support cultural awareness in planning care for the patient.
  2. Support your work with at least two peer-reviewed or evidence based resources.

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