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Job market research and “Ideal Job” reflection paper (4 pages)

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Job market research and “Ideal Job” reflection paper (4 pages)
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Research 3 different “ideal/dream” jobs/careers online that most interest you (on Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, O*NET OnLine, Google Job Search, Monster, Built in LA, Hired, The Muse, NAPA Employment Listings, etc.). After listing out each job/career, answer the following questions under each job/career (think big by researching high-level positions, not entry level ones). Set up your paper by listing the first job, and then listing each letter/question with your corresponding answer, followed by the second and third jobs written out in the same way (12 points):

a. What is the salary range for each of the jobs you researched?

b. Name five responsibilities each job requires.

c. Name five qualifications, skills, educational requirements an applicant needs to have to qualify for each these jobs.

d. Research the web to find out and write about what life is like for those who pursue each of those careers and the realities of the job.

e. Discuss three skills/areas that you need to work on to become better qualified for each of these jobs in the future.

I am attaching an example paper that is finished which will help you to understand the assignment and follow the organization.

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