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Legislative Process review of H.R 5362 Mental and Behavioral Health Bump Act of 2016 Academic Essay

Students are to choose a health care bill that has been introduced in the last year and has not yet been made law. This should be legislation which interests them. It can be a federal or state bill however, when describing how a bill becomes law, students need to be careful that if they choose a state bill, they describe the process exactly as it occurs in the state from which the bill is emanating.Also to be included is a discussion of advocacy and how nurses can advocate at each stage of the legislative process.The Bill I have chosen is H.R 5362Content needs be approximately 76% original, 24% sourced. APA Format. Times New Roman 12 point Font.Text book for the course is: 978-0-323-24144-1 Policy & Politics in Nursing and Health Care (7th ed.) Author(s) Mason, D.J., Gardner, D.B., Outlaw, F.H., & OGrady, E.T. (2016).The Scoring Rubric is:

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