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Math 1350 journal

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Math 1350 journal
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math 1350 journal writing 250 words .

For this journal entry you will read the article mentioned in class about order of operations! After reading the article, answer the following questions:

– What were your general impressions of the article?

– How do you feel about letting go of the acronym “PEMDAS”?

– What was one myth that you found particularly interesting? Why?

– What did you think about the exchange highlighted in Figure 1 that begins with “In this discussion, students are making sense of why multiplication precedes addition, and they are thinking flexibly about the order in which they can combine the numbers.”

– Finally give your impressions of the following statement from the article: “When we teach order of operations in a rigid way, students miss out on opportunities to look for efficient approaches, a critical component of procedural fluency.”

this article

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