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Medical Billing Supervisor. (my topic) HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Nursing Follow the Three-Step Plan and Student Checklist to participate fully in the…

Medical Billing Supervisor. (my topic) HEALTHCARE MANAGEMENT Nursing

Follow the Three-Step Plan and Student Checklist to participate fully in the discussion forum.

Step 1: Read the Week 1 Discussion Overview Below

Visit this link and select a job title within your program that interests you.

Click here and copy/paste the job title you selected into the search engine.

Review the course objectives in your syllabus, located in the Getting Started tab of your course room’s homepage.

Step 2: Create a New Thread for Your Initial Post by Wednesday at 11:59pm EST

Respond to the following prompts in your initial post:

Introduce yourself to the class by explaining your personal, professional, and educational background.

After selecting and reviewing the job title and description (refer to Step 1), share why this specific job sparks your interest and what personal strengths you could bring to the position.

After reviewing the course objectives in your syllabus (refer to Step 1), select one objective and describe how you will use this skill in your future career.

Step 3: Reply to 2 Separate Threads on 2 Different Days by Sunday at 11:59pm EST

Choose at least two of the following prompts in your reply posts:

Visit a classmate’s thread and share why you thought their introduction was interesting.

Find a classmate who chose a similar job and share additional ways this course could help them prepare for the job.

Select a classmate’s thread that describes a skill you did not choose. How could developing that skill help you in your future career?

Reflect and share a meaningful connection (personal or professional) to a classmate’s or instructor’s response.


Return to your discussion threads to:

Ask and answer questions. Need help generating interesting questions?

Support your thinking by adding additional information.

Medical Billing Supervisor. (my choice)

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