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Mindful leadership

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Mindful leadership
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STEP 1> Please list one learning outcome you gauged and/or learned from your readings, PowerPoints, Prezi’s, Websites, and textbook about mindful leadership, or leadership in general. Explain.

STEP 2> Please give one good example as to how you could be a leader (or cheerleader) in your OWN life, and how this effort can help you in the future. (One good paragraph will do.)

STEP 3>Find a leadership article >> Cite the article. Read the article on leadership, then briefly state (ask) one question that you might ask about any one of the things that you read in the article. Critical-Thinking: Now, answer the question yourself. Thanks!

T A S K > Synthesize, then in combination, interconnect and summarize your answers into a short, logical and meaningful one-page APA essay. Correctly cite your sources. Upload your findings into Moodle

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