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Museum Paper

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Museum Paper
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You will be visiting the Bowers Museum and evaluating the exhibit of Oceanic art in relation to the “salvage paradigm.” Since you are evaluating this in terms of the salvage paradigm, you need to use Clifford in your paper! Before you go to the museum, reread the Emory University website discussion of representation AND reread Clifford’s discussion of museum exhibition and the “salvage paradigm.” Representation is the issue in this paper, and you need to refresh your memory so that you can address the salient points. In your analysis of the museum exhibition consider some of the following issues: Is there an over-arching theme to the exhibition? What agendas are in play? What ideas area communicated through the exhibition? What is the experience in the gallery space? How is the material organized? Is contextual information provided? What information is given (and what is withheld)? What ideas are connoted through the exhibition? If there are other people in the exhibit pay attention to what are they saying and doing. How does this exhibit compare to the way other art is exhibited in the museum?

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