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need help with those 2 business questions

I’m working on a Business exercise and need support.

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need help with those 2 business questions
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  • Read the Case Study – DashLocker: New York Businessman Trades Banking for Laundry StartUp.
  • Prepare an APA formatted Word document responding to the following questions and descriptions related to the case study:
      1. How did Hennessy’s background prepare him for starting a business? What entrepreneurial qualities does he embody?
      2. What were Hennessy’s entrepreneurial motivations for founding DashLocker?
      3. What type of entrepreneurial opportunity did Hennessy identify, and how did he capitalize on those opportunities?
      4. Describe DashLocker’s growth potential.
      5. Describe DashLocker’s competitive advantage

      2-Select an article on the topic of small business management or entrepreneurship related to this week’s chapter readings from any of the business periodicals listed below:

      • Harvard Business Review (HBR)
      • Forbes
      • Fortune
      • Entrepreneur
      • Inc. Magazine
      • The Economist
      • Bloomberg Businessweek
      • New York Times

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