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New Public Management and Public Health Academic Essay

New Public Management and Public Healthotherwise the fine will be applied.Proofread the paper carefully: The usual needs in the healthcare systems of expenses control and reaction to the power of health care experts have encouraged the use of marketisation and new public management in delivering wellbeing care what is that supposed to mean?DescriptionHow Public health delivery has been impacted by marketisation, privatisation and/or other elements of New Public Management (NPM)? Identify the goals and projected outcomes of the NPM reform process in this field of service delivery. Make an argument and draw conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages of this reform process, having particular regard to accountability challenges and the likelihood that the desired outcomes will be achieved.This case will be based in the marketisation and NPM of the delivery of health care services in Norway, Turkey and Australia (base literature will be attached for these three countries, you will have to look for more). You need to get specific and explain which health care services you are talking about ans how the differences are manifested in practice. You should include especific literature related to each country and more general literature about New Public Management (NPM).Some concepts you should analyse: Governance structure: identified the role of networks, how public sector steer and guided these quasi markets or public markets, the involvement of private and third sector actors. Metagovernance: the importance of metagovernance when the government is less involved, how they manage the private-public mix in the long term. Stakeholders: implications for the public health professionals (Newman, 2009), the public health receivers and the new investors (public or private). Possible reforms consequences: less universalism (in the Turkey case) (Agartan, 2012), commodification (in the Norway case) (Neby, 2016).References-Agartan, T. (2012). Marketization and universalism: Crafting the right balance in the Turkish healthcare system. Current Sociology, 60(4), pp.456-471.-Neby, S. (2016). Marketization and Accountability: Lessons from the Reforming Norwegian Healthcare System. In: P. Mattei, ed., Public Accountability and Health Care Governance, 1st ed. pp.65-89.-Newman, S. and Lawler, J. (2009). Managing health care under New Public Management: A Sisyphean challenge for nursing. Journal of Sociology, 45(4), pp.419-432.

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