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NUR 427 Diabetes Case Study

NUR 427 Diabetes Case StudyRead about Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley in The Neighborhood-Pearson Health Science tab (found in the Materials section of the online classroom).Refer to my Disease Case Study grading criteria rubric (I have posted this in the Course Materials forum). All criteria on this rubric must be satisfactorily met to receive full credit for this assignment.Write a 700 to 12,050-word paper focusing on the case study of either Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley in The Neighborhood. Your paper must include the following:An introductionAn overview of the incidence of diabetes in the United StatesThe typical presenting signs and symptoms of diabetesThe potential chronic effects of diabetes on the bodyThe teaching requirements for Angelo or Jenna with two measurable learning objectives from each of the domainsThe psychosocial challenges that Angelo Reyes or Jenna Riley may encounterA summaryAt least five references-only one of these references can be a website. I expect the other references to be from your course material readings (Larsen, Redman, and/or Sommers) or from scholarly journals.Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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