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nurs 6531 journal 10

Assignment week 10: Practicum Experience Journal Entry
After completing this weeks Practicum Experience, reflect on a patient with a known history of strokes. Describe the patients personal and medical history, drug therapy and treatments, and follow-up care. If you did not evaluate a patient with this background during the last 10 weeks, you may select a related case study from a reputable source or reflect on previous clinical experiences.

Purpose of journal is to encourage you to document, summarize, analyze, and evaluate your experiences inclinicals, Take one patient encounter or a few and describe what made it meaningful, how did it make you feel, what did you learn from the interface with preceptor in room with patient, with you after encounter. What kind of feedback did you get, where did you go to inform your differential, treatment plan? What was effective in informing your decisions. How what did you learn?Did you agree with preceptor in treatment plan?

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