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ORGS Essay

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ORGS Essay
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the assignment is very competent, but it assumes that you are preparing for work in a large corporation. The theory is that if you know what you need to know for a large organization, you will surely be prepared for any organization that is smaller. Smaller organizations, or smaller “shops” within larger organizations, are the more typical employment site for our graduates, so I want you to focus on that. Smaller organizations do not have the human or financial resources that larger organizations have.

Think of yourself as a consultant. Your assignment is to use your text to prepare a set of recommendations for a smaller organization (say 15-30 paid employees). Based on what you think is possible for a smaller organization, tell this organization what you think it can and should do. Use your text as a guide. Thus you might address the following (from the perspective of what is actually doable):

Performance measurement

Job analysis

Recruitment/selection procedures

Meeting Legal requirements

There is no single correct answer. You are being asked for your opinion. I will evaluate your response in terms of how doable the things are that you are recommending, and how thoughtful you have been in extracting those doable things from the text.

You may use whatever format is comfortable (free flowing text, bullets, an outline…). Because you are making recommendations, a format that would be easily understood by an organization’s hierarchy would be best, but I leave that to you.Perhaps something that is based on what you would like to get from a consultant if the roles were reversed?

Length: 1200-1500 words.

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