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Now the climate around the world is changing and the weather becomes more and more unexpected. This forces us to develop ways to detect the weather forecasts everywhere especially in stormy and rainy seasons.

We seek to find a way to read the amount of rain in some places. That’s why we are interested in using rain gauges to detect and predict the amount of rain. Using computerized systems and software’s requires digital or analogy reading of electrical signals to enable the recording and analysing of data and readings without man interference.

In this report we shall spot a light on a simple way to indicate the level the rain using a capacitance made with conductive material and fixed on a straw to create a dielectric material between the two plates. The system is still under assembly process and not yet tested for full functionality.

Please paraphrase the obove text with the same simple level of english and please don’t change “electric engineering” terms in the text such as Capacitance, dielectric, guages.

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