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Philosophy Essay (400 words)

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Philosophy Essay (400 words)
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In a final essay of at least 400 words, please discuss what you have learned in this course and how you plan to implement that information in your personal and professional life.


  • Your essay should clearly indicate what you have learned as a result of taking this course. You must reference at least two different concepts or points from two different Units. Citations are required for both references. (+/- 10 points)
  • You should indicate in this essay how your appreciation for using critical thinking in evaluating arguments, advertisements, and other presentations has been broadened as a result of taking this course. At least one specific example is required. (+/- 5 points)
  • You should discuss how you will use the information presented in this course in both your personal life and career. (+/- 5 points)
  • In-text and works cited citations are required. Points will be deducted for a failure to include properly formatted (MLA) citations.

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