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Pick define and proide an example of words.

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Pick define and proide an example of words.
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  1. Pick one of the terms below (be sure to indicate which you select),
  2. Define the term in your own words,
  3. Provide an example of the term in action and explain why this is example is appropriate, and
  4. Describe the term’s significance to American politics.

Take as much space as you need, though the recommended length is approximately 1 substantive paragraph.

term 1:

  • Incorporation
  • Civil Rights Amendments
  • Right to privacy

term 2:

  • Political ideology
  • Rational ignorance
  • Heuristic

term 3:

  • Framing
  • The Fourth Branch

term 4:

  • Partisan perceptual screen
  • Affective polarization

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