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Political Science 101 Discussion Post Comment/response on a classmate’s post (Jason)

I’m studying for my Political Science class and need an explanation.

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Political Science 101 Discussion Post Comment/response on a classmate’s post (Jason)
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Chapter 14

There are several relationships between bureaucracy and democracy. The government bureaucracy is a necessary in many ways but not sufficient. It is a condition for democracy and several other things. It is a hierarchy with several established responsibilities and rules applied equally to all provides accounts for officials. Bureaucracy provides the regulations based on the tax policy enacted by elected legislature in democracy. The tax collectors authority is clearly spelled out on the regulations. If a tax collector oversteps his authority by trying to overtax people, officials take that away from him. One tactic they can use is termination. It is known to be one way or a certain way to reduce the size of bureaucracy. The tactic is to reduce or terminate all programs that are part of it. It is one way that they can reduce the agencies and the other parts of them. Many have leaned towards this strategy so they can remove the unpopular regulatory agencies, which can cut their budgets on contributions. This strategy is very effective because it closes out several resources for bureaucracy. Another thing they can do is devolution. Devolution is known to be an alternative to the reduction in the size of bureaucracy. The devolution and downsizing the federal bureaucracy by delegating the programs to state and local governments. Devolution changes the pattern of gets the most out of programs. It makes it even for all the programs. Devolution has brought in a lot of different faces to make decisions about certain topics like transportation and highways. The ultimate goal for devolution is to provide more flexible and efficient services for governments. The last strategy that can be used is privatization. This is another option that is very similar to termination. This strategy is not directly towards the programs but it targets smaller things like private contractors. Privatization means that a private company provides a public purpose under contract. It downsizes the government only in that the workers providing the service are no longer counted as part of the government bureaucracy. The main goal for privatization is to reduce the cost of government. Several government workers receive good pay and a lot of other benefits. Private companies do not get the same benefit as them and also get lower pay. Reform of public bureaucracies are always complex because strong companies might attempt to block changes that they think might harm them or their unions.

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