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prepare a 1-2 page paper on drug abuse and arresting patterns in criminals.

Please be aware that this assignment is due today in 7 hours!!!!! It will be checked using turn it inUse the key points/ideas from the selected article below as a reference in order to prepare a 1-2 page paper on drug abuse and arresting patterns in criminals. You must include APA style referencesIt was objectively aimed at explaining the correlation between drug abuse and the rate of arrest for these criminals. This is in line with the policies drafted to aIDress the aspect of drug aIDiction and sentencing of drug traffickers or gangs. The article proceeds to discuss the impact of immigration on crime, in relation to drug abuse. According to the article, the increased migration from places outside America has led to rapid growth of drug abuse and related crimes. The rise in the crime level has been steered by low education level within the members of the gangs. The article mainly reviews the restrictions placed by various institutions by the United States government. It also supports the notion that immigrants make a high proportion of criminals, prior to the various amendment done to the laws governing drug abuse. valuable achievements have been recorded. From the past research, many have been led to believe that the crime level increased with increase in the number of immigrants. The article speculates the decay in social structures has intensified the advancements by various arms of American government. Therefore, sociologists and administrators are advised to work together in performing reconstruction to the society. The article also reviews the effectiveness of correction institutions like prisons (Blackmon, 1982). It looks at the relationship between being in jail and the probability that the inmates are released and seem to have changed. The role that the society plays in curbing crimes is defined, as well as displaying the significance of the society reporting criminals and aiding police in arresting criminals. The article preludes that failure by the community to perform this duty has led to increasing in the crime levels. On the other had it does show the positive side of dispute of ideas between administrators. The information would lead a person to conclude that good governance can effectively eradicate the vice of drug abuse. When the crime rate reduces, the government budget reduces. The article itself offers an insight of the benefits that a country can grow when crime rates are low.

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