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PROFESSIONAL PROJECT FOR ISM2000 Professional Project Part 2 (Medical Office Option) Who You Are: Physicians United of Ormond Beach 1234 Hospital Drive Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 Telephone: 386-676-8900 Web aIDress:

PROFESSIONAL PROJECT FOR ISM2000 Physicians United of Ormond Beach1234 Hospital DriveOrmond Beach, Florida 32174Telephone: 386-676-8900Web aIDress: PhysiciansUnitedofOrmondBeach.comEmail: wecare@PhysiciansUnitedOrmond.comBackground and Information:Doctors Fred Smith and Julia Caring founded Physicians United of Ormond Beach in 2000 after they completed their residencies in Tennessee. Dr. Smith specializes in Family Practice while Dr. Caring specializes in Internal Medicine. The practice has grown over the years as Drs. Smith and Caring have focused on treating families instead of one target population. Recently, Drs. Smith and Caring decided to research hiring a Nurse Practitioner, Jenna Thomas, to help with the volume of business. Jenna Thomas has been a NP for the last 7 years and was a RN for 15 years prior to seeking her ARNP (Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner) degree. After receiving her ARNP license, Jenna worked as a NP for an Emergency Room and then as a NP for Internal Medicine Group both in Atlanta, Georgia. During her 15 years as a RN, Jenna worked in ICU, the ER, Ambulatory Care, and Pediatrics. She would bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to Physicians United. What you are to do:As the Office Manager, you are responsible for designing a new spreadsheet that will keep patient information as well as if all required forms are signed as mandated by Federal and Office Policies in aIDition to other data. You also were asked in the last staff meeting to create a spreadsheet showing the last 12 months of monthly expenses and a graphical depiction to present in next months staff meeting.Part 1a Instructions:Research wait times and the effect on bottom lines (profits) and patient satisfaction. Also, research the benefits of nurse practitioners to doctors offices to determine if this would be the ideal solution for Physicians United. Then you should be able to explain the benefits of tablets (for the solution section).Part 1b Instructions (worth 45 points):Prepare the white paper as outlined above. Assume you are hiring Jenna Thomas as the Nurse Practitioner for Physicians United.Hint: Re-read the Background and Information to determine who your target audience is and what valuable information would help sell your business to potential new clients.The structure of the Advertisement section should be as a flyer. As you are considering the layout of your flyer, think about flyers that you have seen in the past. Remember elements that captured your attention and elements that turn you away from reading the flyer. Part 2a Instructions (worth 25 pts):Prepare a list of 25 patients (you make them up). Include in the list all pertinent information you would need to collect on patients in a doctors office. (If in doubt, here are a couple of websites I found helpful: Along with 25 patients, you will want to include When the patient started with the practice,what insurance the patient holds, co-pay amount per office visit according to their insurance,which doctor the patient sees, date of last visit,the invoice amount for the last visit,co-payed amount paid,amount remaining after co-pay, andif the following signed form on file: HIPAA, Medical Release, Emergency Contact, and Financial Responsibility. (Note: utilize what you learned by Excel Chapters 2, 3, and 4).Sort your patients by doctors and then by most recent visit. The Patient and Forms List should be professional formatted.Part 2b Instructions (worth 25 points):Create the annual budget by month worksheet based on last years Actual Expenses provided below and the expected changes for each of the expense categories. Without aIDitional data, assume even spread over the twelve months. Remember this should be formatted in a professional way as it would be used in the Annual Budget meetings between the business executives (assume it will be a printed document when formatting).Part 2c Instructions (worth 10 points):Create a pie chart to illustrate your 12 month expense record (show what you spent for the year in each expense category). You are interested in knowing how much you spend per year in each type of expense.The pie chart should not be located on the page with the monthly expenses. Instead, it should have its own tab.The pie chart should be professional as it will be used in monthly administrative meetings or possibly included in your business plan being presented to a bank. Part 3a Instructions (worth 40 points):Prepare a PowerPoint presentation that demonstrates the key attributes of your business. Ask yourself: 1.) What services, programs, clinics, and characteristics sets Physicians United apart from othermedical practices here in Ormond Beach? 2.) Why should patients bring their business to Physicians United? Utilize skills gained from the SIMnet lessons. Failure to do so will cause a reduction in grade.Part 3b Instructions (worth 20 points):In aIDition to the PowerPoint, you decided to create a handout that the audience can take home with them. The choice of handout is up to you.It can be a flyer of key facts or some other type of item that will help the people remember Physicians United. Handout should be done using Word. This is a handout they will take home with them after the presentation so ensure that has necessary selling information on the business.Think about what you learned in Word section. Review your audience. Consider this handout might get laid down on someones desk and picked up a week or two later, what about the handout would remind the person why they should think about setting an appointment with Physicians United?Utilize skills learned in SIMnet Word Lessons.

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PROFESSIONAL PROJECT FOR ISM2000 Professional Project Part 2 (Medical Office Option) Who You Are: Physicians United of Ormond Beach 1234 Hospital Drive Ormond Beach, Florida 32174 Telephone: 386-676-8900 Web aIDress:
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