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project 1 witw

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project 1 witw
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Career Portfolio

Now that you have reflected on your interests and abilities, you need to start thinking about careers you would like to pursue. For this project, you will research a job in the industry of your choice and create a portfolio to help you prepare for that career. The following items will be required, and the lesson where each item is discussed is noted. Make use of what you have learned in this course.

This project is worth 100 points. To see how your grade will be determined, refer to the rubric provided. Directions for submitting your project online are provided at the end of the project.

Required items:

1. Interests and skills: At least one typed (double spaced) page describing your interests, skills, aptitude, etc. If you took any online tests, include those results and the websites for those tests. (Lesson 1) (20 points possible)

2. Career choice: At least one typed (double spaced) page outlining the career you have chosen and why. Include a description of a job in that industry along with the necessary qualifications. (Lessons 1 and 2) (15 points possible)

3. Help wanted ad: Using the Internet or other sources, find a posting for the job that you selected in #2 above and provide a copy of it. List the qualifications the company is looking for. (Lesson 3) (15 points possible)

4. Personal data sheet: Prepare a personal data sheet similar to the one displayed in Figures 4-1A and 4-1B in your textbook. (NOTE: for security reasons, we recommend NOT using your real social security number or address. You may fill in the SSN and address spaces with characters: ###-##-####.) (Lesson 4) (15 points possible)

5. Résumé: Prepare a résumé using either the chronological or functional format. Base your résumé on your personal data sheet and use your current, factual information. If you choose not to use your real address, write “address here” in the correct place. (Lesson 4) (20 points possible)

6. Interview: Prepare for an interview for the job you chose in #2 by anticipating the questions you may be asked. List ten questions you think you may be asked and provide responses to them. (Lesson 5) (15 points possible)

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