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Proposal for a Community Health Intervention with Literature Academic Essay

Proposal for a Community Health Intervention with LiteratureOrder Description This Final Project synthesizes many of the concepts on applied research in public health that you have examined throughout this course. In section 12, you created an annotated bibliography to reveal knowledge gaps related to your problem, issue, and/or intervention. In section 2, you evaluated and analyzed potential Final Project data sets for validity and integrity. In section 3, you explored issues related to ethical treatment of research participants as they might occur in your Final Project. In section 4, you evaluated the participation of stakeholders and gatekeepers related to your Final Project and examined formative evaluation methods. In section 5 you examined summative evaluation. Use these application assignments from section 12,2,3,4, and 5 to construct your Final Project paper. Note that you do not have to use an existing data set (as examined in 2 ) for your final paper. You can also propose formative evaluation to gather data for developing your program or intervention, or you can collect data from your literature review in support of the need to develop your program. APA with reference of less than 5 years

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