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Quality Assessment in Health Service Organizations

As discussed in class, quality has a variety of different definitions depending on the individual, the organization, or the industry. We discussed five different types of quality in class. For your assignment, I would like you to compare and contrast quality in health care versus a more traditional business field.
Take an organization in health care and one in business (such as the University of Utah Hospital versus Taco Bell). VIsitthese organizations, review their published information, even interview their employees, customers, or administrators. With these, and other methods that provide information; answer the following:- How does each assess quality, both in their products and services?- What are the important outcomes, including those based on the quality types we discuss, that each is interested in? – Are there differences in quality required between the two different organizations youve chosen? Why?- How do consumers provide their feedback on quality in each organization? What about employees?- What are the main strengths/weaknesses in how quality is assessed by each of these organizations? Would you suggest any changes and, if so, what?

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