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Recreational Therapy Assessment Instrument tool

Recreational Therapy Assessment Instrument toolOrder DescriptionPURPOSE:The purpose of this project is to let the student develop a hypothetical, in house assessment tool that could be used by the recreational therapist.This project is designed to expand your working knowledge of how assessment tools and methods are developed.DESCRIPTION:You will develop an in house Recreation Therapy assessment tool; that can be used to determine the need for this recreational therapy protocol for a client.OUTLINE:l. Introduction to your assessment tool.ll. Assessment Instrument DescriptionPopulation
Target Domain(s)/area(s)
Response Mode
Administration Guidelines
III. Instrument Development and TrialType of information you need or want
IV. Assessment report formV. Summary and ConclusionsNote from your professor: This is a recreational therapy assessment. Please do not make a music, dance, art, etc therapy. You may use music, dance, art etc but do not
call it music, dance, art, etc therapy. Furthermore, you are not a physician, social worker or psychologist so you should not diagnose your client. You are making an
assessment instrument to gather information.

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Recreational Therapy Assessment Instrument tool
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