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Regression and scatterplot

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Regression and scatterplot
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Note that I have attached both assignment and some proposed solutions.

Answer the following questions:

1. Develop numerical summaries of the data.

2. Using overall score as the dependent variable, develop three scatter diagrams,

one using price as the independent variable, one using the number of megapixels as the independent variable, and one using weight as the independent variable. which of the three independent variables appears to be the best predictor of overall score?

3. Using simple linear regression, develop an estimated regression equation that could be used to predict the overall score given the price of the camera. For this estimated regression equation, perform an analysis of the residuals and discuss your findings and conclusions.

4. Analyze the data using only the observations for the Canon cameras. Discuss the appropriateness of using simple linear regression and make any recommendations regarding the prediction of overall score using just the price of the camera.

Provide your work in detail and include in-text citations. Include graph of the regression line in the scatterplot.

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