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Research proposal introduction Help

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Research proposal introduction Help
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I am writing a research proposal on racial bias. I need help only with the introduction part to support my hypothesis with relevant literature reviews found on the topic. I have already written the title and the abstract, and I selected few research journal articles that I would like you to use and derive from their references about 15 research articles. I need help with more research, finding scholarly journal articles, and writing 5 pages of literature findings on race bias in education.

I will share the documents of my title, abstract, and hypothesis once you place your bid. I have high expectations and high quality writing. I expect 6 pages of writing motived by literature reviews (around 15 articles) that supports the hypothesis claim. Please don’t place your bid if you don’t have experience with research papers or your writing quality isn’t strong. Again, I have high standards!

Things to consider when writing literature reviews:

(1) You need to be careful about what conclusions can and cannot be drawn from each paper. Please review the accuracy of the studies when writing about them. Don’t be too general. Please review the details of each study. Don’t just read the abstract!

(2) You need to be concrete in the language you use. Vague statements do not count. Your task is to teach the reader something new and specific. The reader should understand (a) what each study found and (b) how does that inform your research. Reading the abstract only doesn’t help with this.

(3) The literature review needs to correspond to the abstract (once I share it with you). You do not have to review EVERYTHING out there. But you need to review studies that pertain to the hypothesis.

THIS ASSIGNMENT IS FOR EXPERIENCED TUTORS WITH ACADEMIC RESEARCH WRITING IN PSYCHOLOGY, SOCIOLOGY, AND SOCIAL SCIENCE. Please don’t place your bid unless you feel qualified and interested to do this work. Thank you!

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