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1) I loved this video so much! I can tell how great of a teacher Bev Bos is toward the children. She is someone who genuinely cares about each child’s way of learning, which is through experience. She knows that children have curious minds and crave to experience and discover things hands on. Bev Bos stated something in the video that really got to me. She was questioning on how it would feel if we learned new things through a picture or video, rather than hands on. She compared presenting an apple to a child for the first time through a picture rather then presenting it in real life. This stuck to me because I put myself in the children’s shoes and I know that I would definitely would want to experience something new in real life and hands on. She was truly inspiring in this video and I hope to have the same amount of wisdom she has in my future towards the children.

2) An effective environment supports positive behavior by providing children with many different choices they can choose from, a variety of activities that children can participate in such as a dramatic play center, sensory center, science center, etc. Bev Bos most certainly has an effective environment that let’s the curious minds of children explore and experience different activities.


Bullard, J. (2017). Creating environments for learning: Birth to age eight. Boston, MA: Pearson Education.

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