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Revise my essay (Diversity in Stem )

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Revise my essay (Diversity in Stem )
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— This the website for the aritcle

Kenneth Gibbs, Jr.’s “Diversity in STEM: What It Is and Why It Matters”

— This is essay prompt i want you to answer theses please :

1- Accurately and effectively introduce and contextualize the author’s background, their article, and their central argument and purpose in your introduction. This includes having an effective attention grabber on the topic at hand.

2- Establish a clear thesis that states the major points you will make in your rhetorical analysis of the article. It should explain the major rhetorical moves you will discuss/evaluate and to what extent you feel this article to be persuasive.

3-Summarize in your own words a few of the claims the author makes and analyze the ways in which he or she supports them. Demonstrate a critical comprehension of the article.

4-Identify and critically analyze and evaluate the different kinds of evidence the author uses in order to advance his or her argument. Listing evidence is not a critical discussion. Include how the evidence supports a specific claim the author makes.

5- i want you to work hard in this point because she gave me 0/20 please do it for me and this is :Critically analyze and evaluate the different kinds of strategies they use to convince the audience. You must consider all three appeals: ethos, pathos and logos. Remember to identify the strategy and go in depth on HOW it might allow the author to persuade the audience. Describe to what extent each appeal is effective.

6- Effectively use textual evidence to support your analysis. Adequately introduce, correctly cite, and effectively comment on the quotation or paraphrase.

7- Use an effective structure that smoothly guides the reader from one idea to the next. Include transitional phrases and effective, substantially crafted topic sentences.

— the rest of the point is good please answer these question carfully i want to get better grades .

—- i attached my essay read it and edit to make it better please .

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