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Sampling IRL

I need help with a Statistics question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

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Sampling IRL
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Primary Post Topic:

1. Choose a population that you would plan to sample or survey. Your discussion board thread title should be “Sampling from ______”. Some ideas for populations to take a sample from:

  • Mesa students
  • San Diego community college students
  • All San Diego college students
  • Adults in San Diego
  • Starbucks customers
  • Your choice!

2. Describe an perfect scenario sampling method: Describe in your own words one of the sampling methods learned in class and how it could be applied to your population – in this case, you can assume you will have access to things like a list of everyone living in San Diego.

3. Describe a realistic sampling method. Being that you don’t actually have a list of all San Diego residents (or similar for your population), how would YOU go about trying to get a representative sample? No need to use any fancy terms or definitions here, just describe how you’d collect data from 100 people for your sample.

4. What are some limitations that will arise with your realistic scenario? Are there groups that might be left out? Again, no need for definitions – I want critical thinking!

Primary Posts Requirements:

  • Completed on time.
  • Approximately 150-200 words in length and well-written.
  • Directly addresses the prompts above.

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