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Social inequality damages the health of population

i) The sources should be peer reviewed, primary research journal articles which are presenting their own original findings of their own current research.
ii) Example of acceptable citation format:
(1) Smith, Alfred. Explaining New York Politics. Journal of Politics. August, 1947, pp. 101 124.
b) Summary of their findingsWRITTEN BY YOU IN YOUR OWN WORDS!!
i) It should be about 1 page long.
ii) This summary should:
(1) Define their hypothesis: describe the reason for the research
(2) Define their research design and their findings.
(3) It should not be summarizing their review of the literature. It should only be summarizing their primary research.
(4) IF YOU MUST use their words, you MUST put it in QUOTES! However, ideally you should not be quoting, and you should be using your own words to be summarizing their research.

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