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sociology exercise

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sociology exercise
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EXERCISE #2: You will upload your completed file on Canvas (.doc, .docx, .pdf only)

The objective of this exercise is for you to apply the perspectives and concepts from the course to your own life and life course experiences, and in doing so to show that you have mastered the course material. As well as self-reflection, you will need to select a newspaper/online site to complete this assignment (you will include a screenshot or .jpg with your file), and arrange to watch TV. Points are indicated in [brackets], with a total of 100 possible.

Please make your answers concise; extra words will not get you extra points! List the question number, followed by the letter, and then your answer (do not re-type the questions).

1) Socialization. [Total=34]

a) Identify your culture, and give an example of an important belief, value, and norm [4].

b) Describe yourself in terms of Erikson’s developmental stages. [12]

c) Using Kohlberg’s model of moral development, why would you decide not to cheat on this assignment? [6]

d) Give examples of instrumental conditioning, and of observational learning that you have experienced regarding your own behavior in high school (note the nature of the rewards/punishments). [8]

e) Describe your most significant others, and how they blend (or are integrated into) your current generalized other (community of attitudes). [4]

2) Life Course. [Total=36]

a) Identify and describe the life course stages through which you have passed and now occupy. [4]

b) What status transitions or rites of passage distinguish each stage for you? [4]

c) Which contexts or agents of socialization would you identify as being most important to you during each stage? [4]

d) Give an example of anticipatory and reverse socialization in your life [4].

e) Now, speculate on how these transitions and agents might have differed had you been the other gender. [8]

f) Identify some examples and effects of social class socialization in your life (eg., values associated with education, work/occupations, etc.). [8]

g) To what extent do you engage in role-making versus role-taking (give an example)? [4]

(continued next page)3) Self, Identity, and Self-Presentation. [Total = 30]

a) Complete Box 4.1 in your text. NOTE: you do not need to include the actual list – the primary purpose is to analyze it. Are your descriptors primarily role or dispositional identities? [4] What does this suggest about your identity? [4]

b) Make a list of the ten terms a best friend or family member would use to describe you, and then obtain the ten words that person actually uses. Compare the lists, focusing on the difference between self-perception and reflected appraisals; how do they differ? [4] to what extent are the differences a result of something about you (E.g., differences in the way you behave toward these others), and differences about these people (E.g., their different personalities)? [8]

c) Would a job interview most likely consist of authentic, ideal, or tactical self-presentation; why? [4]

d) Describe how a public restroom is both a front region and a back region of self-presentation. [6]

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