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Standard Deviation, Variance, Mean, and Frequency Distributions ( EXCEL)

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Standard Deviation, Variance, Mean, and Frequency Distributions ( EXCEL)
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Open the attached Excel spreadsheet. This spreadsheet contains various statistics regarding CEO Compensations of 434 companies in 2014. You will be finding the standard deviation, variance, range, mean, and median for the CEO Compensations found in Column C of the DATA sheet in Excel using the different formulas found in chapter 3. Also, with the same data you will create a frequency distribution table using 20 classes, and then find the measures of center and measures of spread in that scenario. From the frequency distribution table you will create a histogram.

IN A WORD document: Following these calculations you are asked to compare and contrast the different values found by using the different formulas, and why these differences occur. Finally, discuss what outliers are, how to find them, and what effects they have on the measure of center and spread, include a list of biased measures and why they are biased.

Download the attached WORD document. It contains all of the directions for this project.

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