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statement of changes in equity for:

statement of changes in equity for:

Income tax Expense-$600,000

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statement of changes in equity for:
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decrease in property valuation- $35000

Current Assets-6,500,000

Cost of Sales-7,500,000

Distribution Costs-900,000

Common Shares Issued-895,000

Finance Costs-90,000

Stock Option Compensation-40,000

Profit before Taxes-1,750,000

Retained Earnings(endof year)-5,000,000

Dividends Paid-150,000

Other Income-40,000

Gross Profit-3,500,000

Share Capital (end of year)-3,395,000

Contributed surplus (beginning of year)-60,000

Non-Current Liabilities-5,000,000

Change in Currency Translation(income) -40,000

Retained Earnings(beginning of year)-4,000,000

Administrative Expenses-800,000

Total Liabilities-8,000,000

Total Assets-16,500,000

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