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The course is NUR/104. Thank you in advance.

hello all , I am in nursing classes at excelsior. The course is NUR/104. I need some help with this assignment. Hope someone can help me. Thank you in advance.

The RN is developing a plan of care for a 5-year-old client who was admitted with abdominal pain and had an appendectomy this morning. The client is receiving IV fluids and may have clear liquids as soon as bowel sounds return. The child cries every time the parent leaves the room, and tells the RN, “I just want to go home”. The RN has included the following NANDA-I nursing diagnoses in the plan of care:

  • Acute Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Dysfunctional Gastrointestinal Motility

Initial Discussion Post:

  • three (3)-part nursing diagnostic statement for the nursing diagnosis you have chosen
  • Identify the patient data used to support your chosen diagnosis
  • patient-centered, measurable outcome with a time-frame for this patient

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